Visual communication

We sometimes says that one picture is better than a thousand words, isn’t it ?

MUSK also includes in its services, the creation of illustrations/posters/visual material.
Visual communication can be about access and information, but also about leisure.

It is possible to combine MUSK’ services, such as filming and editing videos, with specific illustrations in the background, for example.

We can also make illustrations for a flyer, or create posters for an event. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have a specific request !

Selection of MUSKILLU’s projects

How is an illustration created ?

MUSK reveals an example of process for the creation of an illustration!
At first, there is graphic researches. The doodles has to correspond to what the customer expects, then the process of illustration can start : inking – the inking can be manual or numerical with the graphic tablet – colouring the illustration, focusing oncontours, adding visual details, font/typography work and integration of the text, and sometimes, a background illustration.


For the inauguration of the site web, CoSENS chooses to use illustrations to inform the public Deaf and hearing about the interpretation service she proposes. Through illustrations, we directly understand in which contexts we can use the interpretation service.

General Assembly of CREE

We can see an example of a combination of MUSK’s services : a video filmed and edited with specific illustrations for the background so the result shows an animated video. CREE asbl decided to explain visually the aim and the process of a general assembly in order to expand its membership.